December 13, 2005

The Embigafication of the Wee

Two fan websites have caught my eye as of late and both have taken something “small” and made it larger and quiet enjoyable.  tober.jpg
The CYBUSCORPORATION.COM  is a fictitious corporate site that heralds the coming of the new Cybermen in Series 2. They’ve basically taken the one existing image of the new Cybermen and created an entire site around it.  Sure it’s a nice image…  but these guys have really gone to town with it.  Very cool.  While KASTERBOROUS.COM have a much larger scope with news, reviews and articles on all things Doctor Who.  However I’d like to point out one particular article on Toberman as another example of how a fan has taken what might be considered a small secondary character from 1967 (...and a particular favourite of mine) and created something fresh, new, and damn funny. 

Fans:  Glorifying the insignificant. 

And by no means do I mean that as a slight. 
In fact, I applaud it, as that’s where the most creative works sometimes stem.

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December 09, 2005

best cover evah

Nick Wallace’s Fear Itself. There have been a few other good covers, but this one owns. It’s clear and simple, and no circles!


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December 06, 2005

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

xmas wallpaper.JPG

We are getting closer every day to the full debut of David Tennant as the Doctor in The Christmas Invasion, and that of course also means we are getting closer to Christmas. I am trying to think of a better Christmas present that Doctor Who fans can be given for Christmas than a brand-new Doctor Who story, but its difficult. Maybe the return of the 6 missing episodes from The Evil of the Daleks or something. But it terms of what is known to be possible, this is pretty good!

And Its been awhile since we’ve had this particular gift.  It has been 40 years since the last new episode (the The Feast of Steven , episode 7 of The Dalek Master Plan) was transmitted on BBC1 for its only on Christmas Day, 1965. I wonder if Tennant will pull a Hartnell and turn around and talk to the audience at the end of The Christmas Invasion!

However, in spite of not being around 40 years ago, I do have a lot of memories of Doctor Who around Christmas time, either watching or reading stories for the first time (such as Inferno and The Myth Makers respectively on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 20 years ago). In recent years we have had some Christmas-themed Big Finish audios released in December, such as The One Doctor, which have been great to listen to at Christmas time. But, with the trailers for the Christmas special no doubt soon to hit the airwaves in both Canada and the UK, giving fans and public alike an irresistable taste and a sense of anticipation of what is to come, I have to wonder if this might turn out to be the best “Doctor Who Christmas” I will ever have.

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November 29, 2005

Baby We’ve Hit The Big Time, part 748: Holy Crap, We’re on the RT Christmas Cover!

Anyone who has ever lived in Britain can tell you that the most indispensible bit of reading at Christmas time is the Christmas edition of the Radio Times. During the holidays, RT publishes a bumper edition that covers the two weeks leading up to Christmas and New Years. Given how British television spend those two weeks showing a mammoth number of classic and current films and Christmas special episodes of favourite programs (of which The Christmas Invasion is the latest example), it’s no wonder that this is usually their bestselling issue.

RT Christmas 2005 issueTraditionally, the Christmas RT has a generic cover. It has only deviated from this twice in recent times: a Harry Potter cover a few years ago, and…this.


This is the third Doctor Who Radio Times cover this year, in case you were keeping score.

It’s official: 2005 is the best year, ever.

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November 23, 2005


It has been said that 42 is a great age. A point where you’re still vital and have the benefit of all the wisdom and experience you’ve accrued. A time to be at the peak of one’s powers (True fact: Tom Baker was 42 during Season 14!)

As Doctor Who reaches its 42nd Anniversary, we find this truer than ever. The first season of a hugely successful new series, with another on the way, that is just as vital as ever and yet takes benefits from the wisdom accrued from its longstanding history.

The world has changed so much since that cold and dark Saturday evening in 1963, but Doctor Who is still the greatest, most entertaining, TV program around. Happy 42nd Anniversary, Doctor Who!

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November 21, 2005

Children in Need episode

Children in Need.JPG

The 10th Doctor, David Tennant, made a debut of sorts with a new 7 minute episode (including re-caps & credits) that was broadcast on Friday night on BBC1 and is available for on-line viewing at the BBC Children in Need website (it’s for Charity, so don’t forget to donate).

For those that have seen it - what did you think?

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November 15, 2005


New Cybermen.  Excellent.  New Banner. Excellent.
New Doctor Who in just over a month from now?  Ex…. you get the point. 

The return of the cybermen and seeing the first image of them online really struck home to me that Doctor Who is returning very very soon.  Sure there’s the Christmas Special just around the corner, the new season, Torchwood discussions, and all that but actually seeing what the new incarnations of my favourite Doctor Who monsters actually look like truely said to me that “DOCTOR WHO IS BACK…AGAIN”.  RTD is doing a fine job of balancing old with new, and I have no fear that things are going just swimmingly in Cardiff.  And so I got off my duff and made a new banner for Blog central.


Now what will RTD do about “gold”, “Mondas”, “the Cyberleader”, “cybermats”, “Excellent”, and “Toberman”? 

I guess time will tell…and I can’t wait.

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November 10, 2005

Cybermen are Onboard

The official site has a picture of the new Cybermen!

One word sums it up for us here: Excellent!

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November 02, 2005

What the Shakespeare, Rose?

Our beloved Billie Piper is on the cover of this week’s Radio Times, not for playing Rose but Hero in next Monday’s BBC TV adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. Actually, it’s not really the Bard, it’s a modern-day updating of Will’s original storyline, in the same way the BBC re-did The Canterbury Tales (also starring the sensational Ms. Piper) a couple of years ago.

This is not the first time that an actress has crossed over from Doctor Who companion to Shakespeare lead. The incomparable Lalla Ward played Ophelia in an excellent BBC production of Hamlet in between her two seasons as Romana. It must have been quite a shift to go from working with Graham Crowden in The Horns of Nimon to Derek Jacobi, Patrick Stewart and Claire Bloom in the Bard’s Danish tragedy and then back to talking about tachyonics with Tom Baker, but our beloved Lalla was a trouper.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing this. True, I would have loved Billie speaking in iambic pentameter, but I’ll be interested in seeing in what they can do. Hero is an interesting character choice for Billie, because in the Shakespearean version she can be played incredibly passively—so much so, that she often fades into the background in favour of the vastly more fun Beatrice (who is played here by Blackpool‘s Sarah Parish, which gives me all the more reason to want to see this). It’s obvious the producers want to try and do something different with the female roles in some of the Bard’s plays. They certainly got the right actress for the part, here, if that’s the case.

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some sort of Halloween costumes

Yes, that appears to be a horse dressed as K9.

The BBC site has some other scary costumes, including the Sutekh pumpkin!

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