February 17, 2006

season one

Three years ago, before the news that there would be a new Doctor Who, I thought it couldn’t be done. Even when I heard the news that Russel Davies was writing it, I was skeptical. I mean how can you remake Doctor Who? It was a great show 20 years ago, but TV has changed so much since then. How would it ever work? I didn’t really believe there was a new show until I finally saw those opening credits.

But never mind all that. The first season is not only the best season of Doctor Who, it is some of the best television ever. And watching it on DVD with surround sound is like seeing it again for the first time.

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February 13, 2006

Doctor Whom

“So, do you stil like Doctor Whom?” Barry had sewn a Doctor Whom patch on his Army jacket last year, simply for irony’s sake, and while most people Barry’s age got the joke, Serious didn’t. The first time Serious had met Barry, Barry was going through a Doctor Whom phase - wearing long, ugly scarves, mucking about in police boxes, perming his hair, the whole lot. While Barry hand’t seen the show in five years and hadn’t liked it in seven, that was clearly still stuck in Serious’ head. Barry equals Doctor Whom. Until death.

from Michael Gerber’s weird book, Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody

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February 06, 2006

Charlotte Church for Torchwood!


Its the calm before the storm in terms of news for the new season and the Torchwood, so what better time to take the opportunity to voice our approval for the suggestion published in UK tabloids a few months back that singer Charlotte Church be cast in the new Doctor Who spin-off series starring John Barrowman. In fact, I think this new photo of her and Russell T. Davies that I came across is a photo from the current Torchwood casting sessions that are apparently happening right now.

Well, I don’t honestly think that, but I can dream can’t I?

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January 25, 2006

More Toys!

The official BBC site and Outpost Gallifrey have reports on the next wave of toys coming from character options. Amidst the dizzying range of new action figures and toys that make me wish I was 10 so I could play with them instead of collect them, came this description:


TARDIS Electronic playset - £39.99

The TARDIS Electronic Playset features authentic light and sound effects and its console is a faithful reproduction of the one seen on screen. Its motorised ‘time column’ rises and falls (with lights) when the TARDIS is in ‘flight’ and it has ‘lift out’ access panels in the floor to reveal the mechanisms and circuitry hidden in the floor

I so want this. Sod adulthood. I’m spending the spring playing with my action figures in my TARDIS Electronic playset.

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January 18, 2006

Will they make the books run on time?

The official BBC website has the interesting news that the first three Tenth Doctor books (plus the ‘quick read’ book for younger ages I am a Dalek) will be coming to Canada and the US in April—at the same time as the UK.

Now this is interesting news to us, as last time we looked, we only just received here in Canada September‘s Ninth Doctor books in the past month or so. Does this mean with a new deal with Sci-Fi Channel, the BBC now has the collective might (or a good reason) to get Diamond to better distribute these tomes in a more timely manner? Or have they inked a deal with another distributor?

More importantly, would this mean seeing Doctor Who getting out of the specialty shop ghetto and into actual Chapters, Indigos, Barnes & Nobles and Borders across the continent?

This is one situation where time will actually tell.

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January 16, 2006

Attn: UK - Canada exists!


Today’s blog entry is just a polite reminder to the Doctor Who world, with a special hello to the UK, that Canada exists.  Its unfortunate that the reminder is needed, but with the recent fantastic news that the new series of Doctor Who has been sold to the US, Canada appears destined to be shunted further into the nether regions of existence.

Already we’ve had Executive Producer Julie Gardner mention on BBC radio how thrilled she was that Doctor Who has at last “made it across the pond” with the sale to the US. This has followed countless comments from fans (unfortunately, mainly British fans) to the effect that the series had not yet been seen across the Atlantic, not to mention a programme that has never had a story set in Canada, on tv, radio, audio or even a full novel (this gives Canada the unfortunate distinction of being the only country that has had a Doctor Who story filmed on its land, but never had one set there). There has barely been any explicit Canadian characters in Doctor Who, leading fans to desperately clutch at characters like Mr. Huckle from Terror of the Zygons and proclaim them to be Canadians in a last-ditch effort to prove that Canada as a country exists in the Doctor Who world.

There have barely been any references to Canada in the show’s history, many Canadian fans can recite them off the top of their heads thanks to their scarcity. One reference occurs in The Claws of Axos, where Canada is only deemed worth of one unit of Axonite when everyone else in the world is entitled to more (including some places I still haven’t even heard of). In the DVD release of this story, a documentary about the return of the colour versions of the episode to the BBC archives claims that the re-conversion to the British format was done from “the re-covered American tapes” when in fact they were recovered from Canada (along with a whole host of other colour Jon Pertwee episodes). The diagram in the documentary showing the conversion process between North America and the UK ommitted Canada from it, for no readily apparent reason.

A Canadian created Doctor Who. We were the first country on this side of the Atlantic to buy the original series, and the first country anywhere to buy the new series. A plethora of missing colour Pertwee episodes were recovered in Canada. Doctor Who has been filmed here and we currently are “co-producers” of the new series. Canadians usually don’t ask for much, but I think we are entitled to the acknowledgement of our existence. Can the TARDIS not land here once?

January 12, 2006


Hell apparently has frozen over.
After allegedly passing on the new series last year, season one of the new series of Doctor Who begins will be broadcast on Sci-Fi Channel in March!

We residents of the (slightly warm) Great White North here at the Doctor Who Blog salute our neighbours to the south for finally getting Doctor Who. We hope you love it as much as we do. And it would be great if you could love it so much that it gets better ratings in its timeslot than Stargate does, it might send a message to Sci-Fi that they shouldn’t have passed on this brilliant series last year…

(Props to the Official BBC Site for the hilarious new splash page. Get it while you can.)

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January 10, 2006

those wacky fans

So The Sun has printed a… let’s call it an article about how some “barmy fans” want to get psychic Derek Acorah to help track down missing episodes.

This started on the Outpost Gallifrey forum, so take it as seriously as anything else on that forum. Come to think of it, take it as seriously as anything else in The Sun. It’s funny because some posters remarked that a reporter might glance at the thread and write it up… and of course that’s what happened.

But as long as it generates publicity around the missing episodes, there’s no harm done.

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January 05, 2006

Courez pour la vie!

La chaîne de télévision Québécoise Ztélé émet Doctor Who (“institution en Angleterre, du réalisateur de Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir et Le Saint”), commençant avec la diffusion de l’épisode “Rose” mardi 3 janvier. Si vous l’avez manqué, la prochaine diffusion est vendredi 6 janvier. Les deux épisodes suivants s’appellent “La fin du monde” et “Des morts inassouvis.”

Visionnez l’auto-promotion, c’est A1.

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December 25, 2005

...and exhale.

Doctor Who is still awesome.

aaa step out.jpg

Christmas is magic again.

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