August 05, 2005

Hey, Look Who’s Back!

Davison visits the set.bmp

No, Peter Davison’s not pictured here filming in the new series, but simply visiting the set, saying hello to new Doctor David Tennant and the regular cast, which is very cool to see. But he’s not the only one to come back - BBCi’s WhoSpy is back as of today. And they’ve started with a more interesting photo than they typically had last year.

I’m glad its back - a new Who photo from the production of the latest season pretty well every week day from now until the series begins broadcasting again!

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August 01, 2005

I should have published these earlier

This is the DWIN table as it looked on the last day of Toronto Trek.

I have a few more photos.

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July 28, 2005

Look up, the Christmas Invasion is coming!

The Christmas Invasion3.JPG

It might be a little too early (and hot outside) to be thinking about Christmas, but the my appetite for it is now truly whetted!

View image”>Click here for a more spoiler-ish photo!

View image”>Click here for another spoiler-ish photo!

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July 26, 2005

Another Christmas Invasion Starts Early

The official BBC website has a nifty little interview with the man behind the new Doctor Who range of toys to be released next month. Featuring some awesome photos, the interview with Alasdair Dewar of Character Options gives the full rundown on action figures and cool stuff that will soon be reaching UK stores. Isn’t the Slitheen awesome?

12 inch remote control Dalek, you soon will be mine.

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What a Difference a Year Makes!

Flashback: 2004. Doctor Who begins filming for the first time in 14 years. There’s a new Doctor and a new costume…and the official Doctor Who site has nothing in terms of pictures or news.

A few weeks later they eventually give us something: Who Spy. Cryptic photos from the filming—a game, essentially, that turned out to be quite fun. But there weren’t any pictures of Christopher Eccleston in costume for the longest time (3 months, actually). There weren’t any news of upcoming episode. Nothing. Meanwhile, the first really good photo of Chris Eccleston in costume was on Outpost Gallifrey about a week after shooting began. The news about episode titles, writers and directors came to light in DWM. The official BBC Doctor Who website was left out of the loop.

This wasn’t the BBC website’s fault, I suspect. They only can disseminate what’s given them, and what was being given to them were daily photos of teacups and clapperboards. The BBC’s role in Doctor Who on the web wouldn’t come into ascendance until the TV series debuted.

Fast-forward to yesterday. News about important new writers, a fab guest star from the past and pictures of the Doctor in costume and it all came from the official Doctor Who website. It would seem the powers that be finally learned that there’s value in using the official Doctor Who website as a means of being out in front first with news to please fans rather than lagging far behind.

Though I do kind of hope Who Spy will come back…

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July 25, 2005

The New Doctor’s Outfit

Tennant outfit.JPG

View image of the full costume

Tell us what you think!

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July 23, 2005

Storm Sounds of Delight

8th Doctor.JPG

While you’re waiting for The Christmas Invasion, are you interested in finding out what happened after the TV Movie, but before Rose? BBC Radio 7 will start broadcasting the 8th Doctor audios produced by Big Finish while the tv series was off the air. Broadcasts start Saturday August 6th at 6:30pm (UK time) with repeats taking place 6 hours later.  The great thing about this for listeners outside the UK is that BBC 7 can be heard over the internet, allowing fans all over the world to tune in. One episode will be broadcast a week, making it convenient after all that Big Finish tend to release their stories in 4-part episodic format on CD when there isn’t any strict need to do so for the CD format.

Joining Paul McGann in the regular cast is the delightful India Fisher as his companion Charley Pollard. Their first adventure together, Storm Warning, also guest stars Gareth Thomas (best known as Blake from Blake’s 7) and was first released in January 2001.

Somewhere in the distance, the sounds of a “8th Doctor Audios are officially canon due to this BBC broadcast” debate can be heard like an oncoming storm…...

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July 22, 2005

...And So It Begins Again!


Filming on the next season of Doctor Who has started once again in Wales, as of today, in what is becoming a great new annual tradition in July, one that I could get used to. It’s incredible that it was just a year ago that we got the first pictures from filming of the new series, almost instantaneously (due to the wonders of technology and the internet).

Reports are already flooding in of Billie Piper sightings in a hotel in Wales reading a script, and of production vans containing filming equipment rolling into Newport (where the first filming is to take place this year). The first photos from actual location filming should be out soon.

The above pic shows Executive Producer Julie Gardner, new Doctor David Tennant (wearing his own leather jacket I think, before anyone asks) and of course Billie Piper coming out of a restaurant a few weeks prior to the new season beginning filming, and is no doubt just a small teaser of what’s to come in the months ahead.

Get ready Doctor Who fans, as I think we’re in for another great ride!

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July 20, 2005

Oh, what a Trek that was!

The Empty Child.jpg

This past weekend saw Toronto Trek 19 held at the DoubleTree International Plaza, and proved to be a great weekend for Doctor Who fans that attended.

Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) was there representing the original series, cheerfully signing autographs and having his photo taken with Doctor Who fans old and new.

Several panels were held on the new series, and they tended to be lively and very well attended! Attendees included a huge Dalek, K9 and even Rose Tyler was there with her very own sonic screwdriver and custom-built TARDIS, complete with “Bad Wolf” written on the side - awesome!

Many people came by the DWIN table and joined the club, which we are very pleased about.  If you’re one of the new members that joined and have just discovered this blog, welcome to the club! Please feel free to say hello in the comments section.

Congratulations to everyone who made the event a success.

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July 14, 2005

Doctor Who’s Greatest Canadian Enemy Returns

That’s right, folks…hockey is back.

The otherwise good news that the NHL players and owners have settled their differences means that the timing of the CBC’s airing of season two is now officially up in the air. This year, with a lockout Canadian fans had the luxury of an uninterupted run of Who—a mere 10 days after UK broadcast—from April to June.

If hockey is back, we won’t have that luxury. Playoff hockey begins to rear its over-exploited head around mid-April and continues to pick up speed (and take up more evening programming) through to early June. In fact the CBC broadcast schedule generally tends to be planned around this phenonemon (hence why most original CBC programming had all but dried up by the time Who aired this spring).

I would suggest that one of two things will happen with airing Season 2:

1) with an early March start to the season in the UK (thanks to the World Cup), perhaps we’ll have an interrupted run, where the first half of the season is shown in Canada 7-10 days after UK broadcast, with the remainder airing after hockey. I don’t think this one very likely myself

2) Doctor Who is aired in the summer, on a weekly basis starting in mid-June. With Doctor Who as the only real original dramatic programming on in the summer anywhere, this could work to their advantage. The CBC had great ratings (for the CBC) when they aired Taken in the summer a few years ago.

One thing’s for sure: Canadian fans are going to remember the glory days of 2005 for a long time.

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