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I wear a waistcoat now. Waistcoats are cool…

The first production picture of Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman, which indicates the latest improvements to the Eleventh Doctor’s look.

We approve.


The new suit looks sharp, and excellent (though the old one is good in its own way).

My only concern here is that, given Ms Coleman’s appearance here, it’s possible that she’s neither of the past nor the future, but again in the present. It can be hoped that she’s from the distant past (i.e. ‘70s or ‘80s) but then again…

Posted by TARDIS_Commandant  on  06/09  at  08:56 PM

Oh thank God that hideous tweed jacket is gone!!!!!  The bow-tie remains but at least it works with the new waistcoat.

That tweed / bowtie combo was the worst thing since Colin Baker’s vomitorium of an outfit. 

I swore off season 5 because of it and the pond. If it hadn’t been for Rory, I wouldn’t have returned for season 6. 

Well, I only hope the new threads are indicative of an upswing for the series: that we’ll start to see more episodes in the vein of “A Good Man Goes to War” and “The Girl Who Waited” - stories that are clever, rife with emotional drama and stellar special F/X.

Posted by steve  on  06/11  at  01:08 AM

I wouldn’t hold your breath for a companion from the future or the past. I think those days are gone.

Posted by connie  on  06/11  at  05:13 PM

Waistcoats have always been cool, and always will be smile

Posted by Andrew  on  06/12  at  11:42 AM

You are so wrong! The tweed look was great. But so too is the new outfit. And fancy letting a bit of tweed put you series 5. Tsk, tsk.
BTW Colin Baker’s kit was objectively awful.

Posted by Andrew B  on  06/13  at  07:27 PM

I liked the tweed, personally. But Smith himself stated that he intended to change his look periodically as his character evolved (much as McCoy’s look changed over time). Come Season 8 if he’s still there Smith will probably be wearing something else. Probably the bow tie is the only thing that’ll remain the constant.

I’m assuming JLC’s character is a modern-day character because they’re pretty much required to do that by today’s audiences. Remember they have to make a show that appeals to as broad a base as possible, so having some Victorian lady as a companion might appeal to the Downton Abbey fans but not necessarily those who might have to choose between DW and, I don’t know, Fringe Season 5.

Another forum points out that JLC’s pose in this photo recalls a similar pose struck by Carole Ann Ford in one of her early promo images as Susan. Let the speculation continue!

Posted by Alex  on  06/17  at  05:04 PM

What no fob watch?

Posted by Ryan  on  06/21  at  02:30 PM

@ Andrew

Before you tsk tsk your way to the top of the horse, Andrew, may I recommend you read a posting correctly.

If you had, you would have noticed I said that it was not just the tweed but also THE POND that turned me off season 5.

And in case it wasn’t clear, the pond I was referring to was AMY POND.

Her character was insufferably passive and lacked the scinitilating gusto of the previous companions like Rose, Martha, Jack and Donna.

Hmmm, since I’m on the soapbox, I’ll further indicate that there were other things about sesaon 5 that really left a bad taste in my mouth… including the actor playing the title role, the lame + non-sensical stories (as compared to brilliantly terrifying and emotionally engaging episodes such as BLINK, MIDNIGHT, THE EMPTY CHILD, THE FIRES OF POMPEII, FATHER’S DAY, DALEK, THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE and THE UNQUIET DEAD) and the heretical makeover of the Daleks that transformed them into hunchbacked studded vibrators.

Fortunately, season 6 took on Rory full time: Arthur Darvil can act circles around Smith and Gillan.  He also cross-examines and challenges the Doctor in a way that is remeniscent of past companions of NU-WHO.

Season 6 also returned to more mature themes, darker themes such as those explored in seasons 1-4.  The Silents (Silence) were a master-stroke creation that boggled my mind with how frightening they could be when going in for the kill and their mouths would open contortedly and utter banshee-like screams.

Aaaaaaand last, but not least, season 6 showed that DOCTOR WHO was finally prepared to stop relying on the Daleks to show up.

So yes, I returned to the WHO universe for season 6 (even bought the box-set) - although I could have done without the big DOLLY story and the silly cybermats (does NOBODY remember how much scarier the cybermats were in REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN - how they stung Sarah Jane Smith and her face was covered with horrifying veins that flouresced and pulsed with light???).

So if season 7 continues the trend of being scary and as emotionally as seasons 1,2,3,4 and 6 (maybe even go totally gohthic horror like Tom Baker’s early years), then Doctor Who will be truly and properly back in form: scaring the daylights out of us and making us hide behind the sofa.

Posted by steve  on  06/23  at  03:48 AM


On what forum did you see the suggestion that Jenna Louis Coleman is Susan 2.0? I’d love to read through that reasoning/find more outlets for my own Who addiction…

Posted by Josh  on  07/02  at  01:10 PM

Please, please, please have a reference to Inspector space/time in the new series!

Posted by Peter Eames  on  07/20  at  10:17 AM

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