Issue 162

Issue 162
Chronic Fatigue
Cameron Dixon explains why this issue is all about misconceptions.
The latest news on the Spring 2011 season, Torchwood: Miracle Day, and the new Doctor Who Comic Relief episodes and North American magazine.
Temporal Blatherings / Wall of Remembrance
James Bow and a selection of Enlightenment writers pay their respects to the late Nicholas Courtney.
The Celestial Toy Soldier
Steven Dieter examines how well UNIT would work as a military formation in the real world.
Colleen Hillerup argues that women have always been a part of Doctor Who fandom since before the new series.
Sports Cars and Space Hoppers
William Hopper recalls encountering a rather strange student in his high school…
Crater of Needles
Gian-Luca di Rocco looks back at the classic serial The Trial of a Time Lord.
Love & Monsters
Deborah Stanish wonders why Amy Pond just doesn’t do it for her.
Fluid Links
Robert Smith? lists the top ten misconceptions held by fans—and why they hold them.
The Land of Fiction
Graeme Burk has a mixed but positive reaction to the 1996 TV Movie, out at last on DVD. Plus: reviews of the Silver Nemesis, The Dominators, Meglos, and The Mutants DVDs; and reviews of The Demons of Red Lodge, Relative Dimensions, Prisoner of the Sun, Quinnis, The First Doctor Lost Stories, and Wiped!

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Recent Stories

Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years

Gold represents something long-lasting, something untarnished and unaffected by the passage of time. Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years celebrates the timeless elements of Doctor Who that have appealed to the show’s followers for half a century. Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who with DWIN’s fiction anthology, Myth Makers!

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New Doctor to be Announced LIVE on SPACE this Sunday!

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New Podcast from DWIN!

New from DWIN! Reality Bomb—the monthly podcast that explores the strange and uncharted world of Doctor Who through its fans.

Writer Gary Russell to visit Toronto June 9th

Who Party Toronto Presents:
An Afternoon With Gary Russell
Sunday June 9th, 2013 from noon until 6:00pm
Paupers Pub (second floor), 539 Bloor Street W.
Cost: $15 for the afternoon

On Sunday June 9th, 2013 join The Doctor Who Information Network and Who Party Toronto for An Afternoon With Gary Russell on the second floor of Paupers Pub at 539 Bloor Street West.

The afternoon will feature a Q&A session with our guest Doctor Who writer and Script Editor Gary Russell as well as a live video commentary of a Doctor Who episode that he worked on, an autograph session, a trivia competition and an afternoon of discussions and socializing with other Doctor Who fans.

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