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Farewell to Caroline John

Sad news to mention as another Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw way back in Season 7 in 1970 recently passed away at the age of 72. I was fortunate enough to meet Caroline John back in 2005 in Wales when she mentioned to a convention audience that she had recently had cancer but had beaten it. Sadly it appears to have come back, but the beauty of a show like Doctor Who and the acting in television or movies is that in the eyes of the fans, she will live on forever. In fact, later this year we’ll be able to see new colour footage of Caroline John as Liz Shaw, as one of her four stories from the 1970 season, the 7-part story The Ambassadors of Death, will be released on DVD with the colour fully restored - the story has only existed partially in colour since the 1970’s when the original colour tapes were lost. We’ll all be thinking of Caroline when we watch that story for the first time in the way it was meant to be seen. RIP Caroline.


Sad news. My Introduction to the character Liz Shaw was Inferno because for a while in this area it was the earliest Pertwee story that was made available from WNED channel 17. And then Claws of Axos followed that, which did not feature Liz Shaw. At that time I was aware we were not getting every Jon Pertwee Story due to various reasons but I remember thinking at first that there must be more stories to feature Liz Shaw because there was no good-bye scene at the end of Inferno between her and The Doctor. As I soon learned, that was her last story and her departure from Doctor Who went almost, sort of unannounced. A little ironic that her departure from this world went unannounced at first as well. Due to either her own wishes or the families wishes the announcement of her death came 2 weeks after she had passed.

Posted by Doug Grandy  on  07/06  at  01:08 PM

It’s sad to hear of her passing. Especially after last year with Lis Sladen and Nick Courtney. Though not the most popular of companions, I always enjoy her time on the show. Thanks for the memories Caroline.

Posted by R. Shea  on  07/09  at  01:19 PM

I sorry she passed away she and Liz Slaiden (Sarah Jane Smith) were my favorates they were fun.

Posted by Kyrie Bates  on  07/11  at  01:44 PM

Dear Ian and LaraOur wedding on the 19th of June in Rock was for both of us, the best day of our lives. We had such a befituaul day. Having a DVD made of our special day was always in our wedding plans. We met with you both prior to the ceremony and you showed great professionalism. You were both very friendly, right from the start. Neither Neil or I realised that you were there for the majority of the time which we can only assume are signs of a very good camera man, allowing you to capture very natural shots. We can’t wait to receive the full length DVD.Thank you so much Caroline and Neil xxxx

Posted by Saroja  on  09/07  at  06:07 PM

Is the Kyrie Bates listed above a daughter of Dave and Sue Bates, with whom I corresponded (with her sister too) a few decades ago??? I lived in Hauppauge NY at the time….

Posted by George WElls  on  01/25  at  02:18 AM

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