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So I’m sure you’ve all seen that our beloved Doctor Who Blog has been slower in posting new items and TARDIS Files have been completely M.I.A. this fall. Let me try to explain.

When we started this blog in 2005, all of us: Mike, Luca, Rod, Scott, John and myself were keen to explore the bold new horizons of Doctor Who in blogging form.

But gradually, our lives have come to take us away: most of us have in some form grown up: we’ve gotten busy jobs, bought houses, gotten married, had kids or some variant therein. Gradually people have dropped off. We’ve added new people (Deb, Alex) but they were as busy as us.

For the past year or two the Blog has been quarterbacked mostly by myself and Luca. The past year or so I’ve been busy writing books about Doctor Who, both Who is the Doctor and now something I can’t quite announce yet but that’s in the works. Luca has been equally busy. We just haven’t had the time.

So we’re being honest with you. We’re going to take a time out for a little while. We’ll pop by if there are breaking stories and when the TARDIS files are done for this past half-season (this week I hope!) but otherwise we’ll be away. During that time, we’re going to figure out how we can continue this and who is able to keep this little project going.

Hopefully we’ll be back soon with a bigger, better Doctor Who Blog that with even more people with even more to say.

So wait for us, centurions. We won’t be stuck in our pandorica for 2000 years, but we might be gone for a few weeks.


Oh WOW..!  Graeme.  You’re THE Graeme Burk…of WHO IS THE DOCTOR fame!

I bought that book in the summer and I thought you looked vaguely familiar (I’ve only ever been to one Toronto Tavern gathering).

Your book is a FANTASTIC read and an excellent reference tool.  You and Robert Smith did a spectacular job. 

Do you see yourselves putting out an expanded edition perhaps sometime after the 50th anniversary?


Posted by steve  on  10/01  at  10:49 PM

I am no genius when it comes to computers but if myself contributing to the blog helps in any way just let me know.

Posted by Doug Grandy  on  10/02  at  12:14 PM

Have DWIN readers seen this video from PBSIdea Channel?  It’s called “Is Dr. Who a Religion?”  Interesting cultural studies-type argument.

Posted by Jimmy  on  10/04  at  10:58 PM

Hi Steve,

How very kind of you to say nice things about Who is the Doctor. Glad you enjoyed it.

We are putting together a book for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary for ECW that will come out next fall. We’ll be announcing what that is in the next little while. It won’t be an expanded version of Who is the Doctor, but it will be something else that we hope every Who fan will want to read. Stay tuned!


Posted by Graeme  on  10/06  at  06:52 AM

Take your time, I know your life must be busy. Hopefully you come back soon and post again in two weeks.

Best regards,
Ken Kindt

Posted by Ken Kindt  on  11/09  at  08:13 PM

Yeah that’s what I’m tlaikng about baby—nice work!

Posted by Sailor  on  03/01  at  09:43 AM

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