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Riding Back into (a) Town (Called Mercy)

Just before we get to The Power of Three…....what did we all think of last week’s episode of Doctor Who, A Town Called Mercy? Did the Doctor initially have the right idea in chucking Kahler-Jex out of jail and beyond the boundary? Has Amy forgotten what she did to Madame Kovarian at the end of last season, or has she learned from it? Did Kahler-Jex’s spacecraft remind anyone else of the travel capsules from The Dominators or was it just me? Let us know your thoughts on the first episode to feature the Doctor and Susan since The Five Doctors. Er….wait a minute, that’s not quite right…....

We’ll have a TARDIS file for this (and all the episodes of this season) up soon.


Fun episode, a universe away from The Gunfighters (I’m glad they didn’t try to shoehorn in any real-life Old West personalities again). Loved seeing Ben Browder again.

Posted by Alex  on  09/23  at  06:39 PM

Thought it was a bit silly.

Posted by Jon  on  09/26  at  07:50 PM

I think this story is being unfairly slagged by people (not necessarily people who post here).  It was well shot, well directed, and the music was for once a positive rather than a negative. 
It had great lines, such as the ‘peeking at my xmas wish list’.  It did lack a little in story and depth and I can see how that would be a criticism after the really strong stories that opened the season… but still a good episode overall.

Posted by David  on  09/26  at  11:33 PM

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