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The Power of…....

Three? The Power of Kroll? Or The Power of the Daleks? That’s three Doctor Who stories with “Power” in them. I guess it truly is the Power of Three. Though maybe not quite the three in the photo.

Sound off on the latest episode in the comments section.  The TARDIS file (for this and all episodes) is approaching - just like those little boxes, you’ll wake up and suddenly a whole bunch of them will be there….....


Other than a rushed ending, I loved the episode. The best part, of course, being the reintroduction of Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (last seen in the independent productions Downtime and Daemos Rising). Aside from the fact Jemma Redgrave was terrific (let’s hope we see more of her) I’m looking forward to seeing the renewed debates over what constitutes canon in Doctor Who now that we have a character created for Reeltime Pictures, and also at one point even featured in one of the Virgin Missing Adventures books, now firmly established in the TV series!

Posted by Alex  on  09/23  at  12:07 PM

Yeah the ending was far too rushed and the solution to the problem of the killer cubes much too easily achieved. For such a MASSIVE buildup, simply reversing their functionality brings a new meaning to the term ‘anticlimactic’. 

This definitely should have been a two-parter, where the cliff-hanger is the cubes awakening and killing everything in their path: and then the 2nd part would be about how the Doctor tries to mitigate the mass carnage.

That said, they managed to throw in yet another connecting motif of Christmas at the end.  From ASYLUM “Its Christmas!!! Come and get me!” to MERCY “Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list?”...these so-called stand alone episodes don’t appear to be so stand alone anymore.  Add to that the threading of lightbulbs through all tje episodes: fizzing, shooting off sparks, browning out and full-on power failures like in yesterday’s story and you can see clearly that Moffat is creating an arc of some sort (narrative/emotional/character).

Should be interesting to see where it goes.

Didn’t like the fact that the preview for The Angels Take Manhattan showed the Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel. Somehow, that just feels wrong.


Posted by steve  on  09/23  at  06:01 PM

@Steve. But, seriously, will there be a single viewer who didn’t see that coming the moment the episode was announced as being a) set in New York and b) featuring the Weeping Angels? I’d have considered it a cop out if they hadn’t done it. Question is whether Space aired a major spoiler by showing that in the preview, when the Next Time trailer didn’t.

Posted by Alex  on  09/23  at  06:37 PM

The Doctor looks a bit tired, doesn’t he?

Posted by Matthew L  on  09/23  at  07:33 PM

@ Alex (please read in the spirit of friendly debate) :D

I didn’t see it coming (that the Statue of Liberty would be one of the Lonely Assasins).  And unless Moffat is about to rewrite his own rules and mythology, the 10th incarnation of the Doctor made it very clear that the Weeping Angels couldn’t help freezing into rock - that it was the nature of their biology.

And the Statue of Liberty isn’t a proper statue ‘cause she’s not made of rock: she’s hollow inside.

But, if one of the Weeping Angels takes on the *form* of the Statue of Liberty, then that makes sense and falls in line with the nature of their biology.

Seriously, making the Statue of Liberty into an actual weeping angel would be the eitome of wackiness because she is being observed at any given time by at least one pair of eyes in The City That Never Sleeps.

It would be, as the Brits say, totally naff.


Posted by steve  on  09/23  at  09:41 PM

Enilgtheinng the world, one helpful article at a time.

Posted by Emeline  on  02/26  at  11:37 AM

Big help, big help. And superlative news of curose.

Posted by Peggy  on  03/01  at  04:09 AM

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