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The 38th Season* of Doctor Who came to a close on Canada’s 150th Birthday. What did you think to the conclusion of the Cybermen/Master/Missy two-parter? Did you notice the continuity reference to the Doctor Who Magazine 6th Doctor comic strip The Worldshapers from 1986? Or did you spot the fact that this was the first episode of Doctor Who to feature a reference to both Mondas and Telos in the same story since Attack of the Cybermen part two in 1985? And how about that ending and lead-in to the 2017 Christmas special? What did you think about the fate of Bill, Nardole and Missy? Shed a tear for any of them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

*Series 7 of the new series is being as two seasons - because they effectively were produced and shown as such - while the other extra season was David Tennant’s season of specials in 2009/2010.


Has doctor who gone political? If so, maybe someone should ask him to sort out that pedophile club at the top ranks of the BBC?

Posted by dave  on  07/03  at  07:33 PM

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